Friday, December 28, 2007

A First...

Outdoor Winter Wedding at Big Canyon

Friends of ours, Kevin and Tami, had their wedding at the campsite of Big Canyon. Kevin and Brian snowplowed a trail to the firepit and plowed one of the tent decks. There was a fire in the pit and lots of hot chocolate. The temperature was a balmy 16 degrees (warmer than yesterday) and it was snowing. Made for a beautiful but very cold wedding.

This is the stage for the wedding.

Hudson and Abbi keeping warm by the fire.


Weston happy to be drinking hot chocolate.

Our dear friends, Cliff and Linda

Me and My Man!

Here come the Bride and Groom.

Brian drove a snowmobile with a sled behind it and brought them down to the "church".

Tami and Kevin exchanging thier vows.

After the wedding there were 4 snowmobiles and everyone did lots of riding. This is Hudson and Weston going for a spin. Caleb was giving sleigh rides behind the 6-wheeler. We all had a great time.

When it was time to thaw out - - we had soup and bread bowls at our house. Ahhh the warmth.

Congratulations Tami and Kevin!

Thanks for sharing your special day with us at Big Canyon.

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