Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Countdown is Over...

Christmas Day is here!!

The Eve of Christmas we found ourselves driving through a big snowstorm - praying that we would get to church safely to attend the Candlelight Service. (We did!) One of our traditions is to drive around after the service looking at all of the Christmas lights but not this year. We went straight home!

The children got in their jammies and we talked about the different names of Jesus and what each one meant. We sang some hymns and off to bed they went. "Santa" is not a part of our familys' tradition but we do put out a few presents out on Christmas Eve so that they have presents to wake up to. The following are this years surprises...

The stockings were filled with a toothbrush, socks, tic tacs and one small individual gift for each child. The books don't fit in the stockings but they each got 3 books.

The boys got a Boogie Board/Sled

The girls got a new set of baby furniture for their dolls and a table for doing crafts.

Then we all take turns to pull out the "goodies" from our stockings. Everyone took one thing out at a time except for Dani Rae - she just dumped hers. No messin' around.

The children wanted Brian and I to open the gifts they gave us - first. They drew and colored us pictures. Very cute!

The following pics are of the children with some of their gifts...

Elizabeth with her crown and new mug with her name on it.

Dani Rae with some of her new bling (jewelry).

A new puzzle. We love puzzles!!

Our little soldier!

Caleb's theme for this year was - Camo!

A fun coloring project for the girls.

CALEB!!! Don't pull the ring.

Everyone take cover! It's a grenade!!

Caleb and Hudson got Weston a Sheriff's badge. Went well with his cowboy outfit.

Tess absolutely loves her new farm.

Dani strapping in her doll for a stroll.

Weston got 2 swords and 2 sets of knight armor.

Hudson took him to the challenge.

Brian sportin' his new hat

Color time!

Dani got her "coffee boy" some new coffee mugs.

A very Merry Christmas to you

from all of us!!

And a Happy New Year.

May you be filled with God's love and have a blessed New Year.

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