Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lookin' Good

My Parents
This is my Dad and Mom at the Rust Automation Controls annual Christmas Party.
Aren't they lookin' good?
My mom is feeling great and looks great. As most of you know she had ovarian cancer and and has fought a valiant fight. She had three rounds of chemo at the end of last year and surgery in January of 2007. She got an infection from surgery. The doctors thought it was cancer again and said there was nothing else they could do. They sent her home (on Hospice) to die. A few days later, her oncologist recieved her blood test results and told Dad, "There is just no way she could have cancer. Take her to the hospital and ask for these doctors." The Dr. came in and actually read through all of her charts and said, "I am sorry your family has been put through this. We are going to fix you."
God is so good!
She is loving life and living it to the fullest. She still has signs of cancer but keeps her eyes on Jesus and does what she needs to do to fight it. She is a fighter and a great example to so many including all 26 of her grandchildren. They love her dearly and we all pray for her on a daily basis.

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