Monday, December 21, 2009

A few other Things

The following are pictures of things we have been doing around here.

A Girls Night Out with cousins...
An evening at
The Nutcracker
with Aunt Shannon, Jessica and Julia

Before the Nutcracker Shannon and I took the girls to Olive Garden for dinner.
(My girls' fave eating establishment)
Waiting for the curtains to "go up".

Christmas Parties

Taking naps

Sharing beds

Sleeping (illegally) in the house during the winter storm

Playmobil set ups
(something that is always happening around here)

Taking (and giving) baths

Snuggling each other

Snuggling kitties

Practicing a worship dance for Christmas Eve program
(Abbi, Maggie, Elizabeth, Dani and friends)


1 comment:

Cinnamon said...

I love all your pictures. The one of you and Tessa. The girls dancing. The snowmobiling one. Too cute!!

Oh and the one of you and Brian. Very sweet~

I like your new background too. And your header picture. Okay, okay I like everything :-)

Reminder~ Wordless (let me say that again for you :-)...WORD LESS) Wednesday is coming up so you might want to get all your words out early :-)
can you see me giggling?

Big hug~ Cinnamon