Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yummy House!

Each Christmas we put our creativity to use
with "nummies" for another tradition.
Sidenote: I love Costco for 1,000,001 reasons.
The ONE is that they provide the absolute best Gingerbread House Kit.
Which translates into - No prep on mom's part.
Open it. Build it. Design it. Decorate it!

Not sure if she is "taking off" or "putting on"

By the look on her face - I think she was "taking off" (and eating).
Our little candy snitch.

Finished product.


Cinnamon said...

Okay that is THEE cutest gingerbread house I've seen. Very "gingerbready" :-)

Our houses (made from graham crackers)is normally shloshed with frosting and a little tilter to one side. Yours definitely looks better :-)


Amy said...

Too cute! I've never made one myself much less with my children. I saw that W*l-mart had them marked down to $5 yesterday. Almost picked one up but thought I might talk my Aunt into buying one to do with the kids when we got to visit our family for Christmas.