Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hang It Up

In the coming posts, I will try to share with you some of our family traditions during the Christmas Season.
The first tradition happens when the tree goes up.
The Tradition:
Each child gets a new ornament that represents the past year. And they add it to the tree.
{When they get married (or have their own tree) they will have an immediate collection of ornaments that remind them of their growing up years. I also write the ornament and the reason in their journals that I keep for them.}

A 2009 frame with a pic of her and Chawee (Charlie the kitten)
Lo-oves kitties!

Dani Rae
A Horse
She rode in her first horse competition this year

School Supplies and a Cross
She learned to read
AND - She asked Jesus into her heart!

Piano and a Cross
Started piano lessons
AND - he asked Jesus into his heart!

A Piano and a Cross
Started piano lessons
AND - she asked Jesus into her heart.
(a revival took place in our home this year :) )

Karate girl
Started karate lessons

Karate Boy
Started karate lessons

Boy with braces holding a sign
Braces OFF!!
(finally! after 5 years, many rubber bands, and thousands of dollars)

There you have it!
A tradition that they all look forward to.
And I LOVE our tree!
It has so much meaning and memories hanging on each branch.


Cinnamon said...

What a sweet tradition~ Wow! Caleb's teeth look great. He must be thrilled!


Andrea Cherie said...

You ready to ward off all the girls!? Your oldest two are some good lookin' guys!

(Now, don't get me wrong, all your children are beautiful- you just don't post very many non-hunting photos of the older ones!)

Amy said...

Sweet tradition!