Friday, December 4, 2009


Meet Niko and Marko ~
they are professional dog sledders

Meet Gypsy and T-Rex ~
they are 9 month old future dog sledders

Here are the riders!
(in the "no-snow" style sled)

Big Canyon is providing (through another company) Dog Sled Rides this winter.
The owner and dogs came up yesterday to do some training.
We got to help!

Abbi and Dani Rae helped get the rope and ties for the dogs laid out.

Then they got to help tie them on.

Tessa made a new friend with Beau.


Resting up!

Legend says, "Come to Big Canyon! Let us take you for a ride!"

Check us out here...


Andrea Cherie said...

That looks like SO much FUN!!

Dani Joy said...

Wow! I love those dogs! They are sooo incredible! What an experiance. Those puppies are the most adorable!

It´s been a while since I have come by. I love the pictures of your children on the sidebar!

Thanks for coming by for a visit.

I need to get caught up on your blog.

Dani Joy