Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Round and Round We Go!

Since we have the machinery (in our yard)

and men wanting to drive them

 we decided to make a circle drive by our front door.
You see, our front yard is not very "inviting". Lots of scrub oak, tall grass (not sod) and nowhere to park. So, for 5 years, all of our guests have come to our back door.

(view from our front porch - trees pulled, rocks and dirt cleared)

We hope to make the front of the house more warm and inviting.

So, come try our circle drive and ring the doorbell at the front!
Oh Fun!!


The Morris Family said...

That sure is exciting!! I love projects!!!

Your mom looks great and sure enough, your grandmother is cute and she looks fabulous too!!!! Wow, you have great potential when you get a little "older", your going to look great like them!!!! :)

We got plenty of room over here, so for sure you can come see us!!!!

Come on!!!!!


Amy said...

Sounds great! Wish we lived closer;) We will be starting a huge addition to our house with a separate shop very soon. We met with our architect to go over our prelimanary plans and put final touches to it so he can finish them up for us. Exciting in some since but not in another. We are having to move my MIL in to live. You'd just have to know the situation to understand and I don't want to go in to detail here.

Love watching the projects!!

Cinnamon said...

Oh my, people won't know what to do if you have them coming around to a whole new door. With a doorbell no less :-) hee hee