Friday, December 18, 2009

The Winter Trek

Caleb caught this herd of elk in traveling mode.
Amazing animals to watch!

There are few deer ahead of this herd (top left of pic) leading the elk.
As you can see, Caleb enjoys watching the wildlife. AND he knows where to find them!


Cinnamon said...

Hi Ashley~ Everytime you describe Caleb and all his outdoor experiences the name Jeremiah Johnson comes to mind. Well that and my husband, because he was just like that at Caleb's age~

I love seeing a young man use the gifts God has given him. Tell Caleb, Gavin is jealous :-)


TnFullQuiver said...

I LOVE your new header picture. It is so beautiful. You did a fantastic job!
grace and peace,

Amy said...

This is just AMAZING! Great job Caleb:)