Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Old Dogs CAN be Taught New Tricks

Not that I consider myself "old" (or a "dog" for that matter) but I learned something new last night.

Yep, that is right. My 8 year old son, Weston taught me how to play Chess.
Crazy, I know, that I did not know how to play.
I did win, but that is because Weston did not want to discourage me and I had help from the other children.
We will have to have a rematch.

This is proof that you can teach old dogs new tricks!


Cinnamon said...

How fun! I've not learned how to play because of all those moves I have to store in my head I'm afraid it'll knock out useful information that I might need. Like my kids names :-)


Anonymous said...

I loved Cinnamon's comment. I knew there was a reason why I never tried to learn chess, I just could not verbalize it like she has! And now, with 26 grandchildren and another one on the way, I sure would not want to "knock out" that very useful info! :>) Nana Rust
P.S. THANKS, Cinnamon!fluta