Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Baby Update

I did not mean to leave ya'll hanging.
But, I had nothing to report.
Until Now...

I had (more than Braxton) contractions starting at 3pm yesterday. They were consistent in coming but they were 30 minutes apart. We ate dinner and then I took a HOT shower. (Showers will either take away the contractions or really bring them on.) I had 2 more while in the shower. I continued to have them after the shower. My midwife said if this is pre-labor it would be good to get rest before the "real thing" hits. 
She encouraged me to go to bed. 
I did.

This is when the party began. 
Little man was "movin' and a groovin'".
So much so, I could not get to sleep.
And I had no more contractions.
His party ended around 10:30 and
I went to sleep.

3 am
Then they started coming again. This time they were every 10 minutes.
The contractions lasted 30-45 seconds and were painful.
They stopped at 5am.
I went to sleep.

So here I am today...
still pregnant.

I will get a few more things done today -
(including a nap)
and be ready to hold this "little man"

Thanks for all of your prayers and sweet comments/emails/texts.


The Mayo Family said...

Good morning to you!
Well, we have been praying so it is nice to hear how things are!
Must say...it's the sweet lil-guys who keep Momma wondering the last few day (or weeks)?
Looking forward to see a pic soon! :)
Blessings & prayers~

Bren said...

So exciting!!!! Praying for your safe delivery! It sounds like your body is doing all the work ahead of time, so it should be quick!

Valerie said...

Oh, you poor thing. I did that with my daughter (3rd baby)...praying all of this early stuff moves things along nicely for you and you end up with an easy delivery! Praying for you.

Cinnamon said...

Thank you for the update :-)

Sounds like my labor when it started. I am praying for all sorts of things for you, God's presence there with you while in labor, easy/quick/labor, health for the baby and you Mama.

Sooo excited for you!!


Shelley said...

Oh, man. I thought I was going to see a picture of you and that baby by the end of the post, you had me breathless with anticipation!! Oh, I hope he comes soon. Praying for a safe and healthy labor and baby and mama. Can't wait to see him.
Much love,

Angela said...

Hoping you are holding your baby by now. Looking forward to hearing his name and photos of course! God bless.

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Praying for you and the rest of the family. I look forward to meeting your newest little one!!! May our Lord give you a good labor with little trouble...

Amy said...

Man, it seems that we have been going through some of the same things. Did you see my post yesterday? I thought I was going to give birth Monday night/Tuesday morning (even went to hospital) but here I am will him snuggly inside.

At least, we know that our little ones will be here soon!