Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pheasants, Ph-un, and Ph-amily

Back in December
(yes, I know that was a few months ago)
a big portion of family went to South Dakota
for some pheasant hunting.
It was very cold and very much a
How could not be with a crew like this?
(Brian, Hudson, Abbi and Weston went from my family)

Brother Paul and his daughters

Dad and Hope

Paul and Elaine

Grant and his son, Josh

Brian and Abbi

Grace + Emilie + Abbi

Alli, Hudson, Grant and Lauren

The Young Boy Crew
Calvin, Weston, Mark, Jacob and Josh

The Girl Crew
Alli, Abbi, Lauren, Emilie and Grace

Off They Go!
Bundled up, Orange on and Guns loaded

The rule for the field walkers was to "drop" as soon as a bird flew up and guns were raised.
They did a great job of "dropping" and they did it ALOT!

The Shooters






and Dad!

A Few of the Birds
(and the retrievers)


Calvin and Jacob

They spent 4 days of hunting and then drove to Mt. Rushmore
What an amazing sight!

They came home with many stories to tell, lots of pheasants, and great memories.


Our Family Vision... said...


The love your family has for one another is ALWAYS so evident in the pictures that you post...so heartwarming and wonderful! What a rich blessing those memories are and forever will be!

Thinking of you as you await the miracle preparing to arrive!


The Munck Family said...

What a fun time!!! Again, I must say our family would fit right in with yours:)

Thinking of you/baby and still praying for Brian!