Wednesday, March 9, 2011

He WILL Come...

I think!

Labored all night.
Midwives and all of my labor support showed up around 2am.
We worked hard.

at about 6:30 am
things really slowed down.

My labor support (besties) and midwives left mid-morning.
I have rested/slept with contractions still coming but less frequent.

One is coming....

OK. Got through that one.

The contractions are picking up a bit now.
Hopefully, little man will be here soon.

Back to laboring...


The Munck Family said...

Praying praying praying ....for your labor and baby boy! In the Lords perfect timing he will arrive!

The Mayo Family said...

Oh Ashley,
I know & yes agree with Laura Munck
it is the Lord's timing!
Just thinking....being as it is already 5pm-ish here & if its light the 10th will be a nice day! :)
My sis had her youngest son on my birthday, after she told me "no way am I waiting till March 10th"!
We enjoy having that together! ;)
I am teasing...
& do know all of this will be Gods way & we are praying as well!
It's so sweet the friends we make & all of these praying across the miles!
I know Muncks are in sunny Florida at this time & we is snowy Wisconsin...look at the miles that the Lord weaves together!
Please know that everyone is prayiing for all of you~

Amy said...

Hoping your little man comes soon!!! Can't wait to hear your special news :) The Lord will give you strength to get through this!!!

Natalie said...

Thinking of you!

The Mayo Family said...

Still praying!
Wondering how things are?
Today is the 10th! :)
Seriously we are praying all is well.