Monday, March 21, 2011

Such a Guy Comment...

Tessa, our 4 year old, has been sick. She has had a cough and an earache. Basically, she has been miserable. And in her misery, she has been very fussy.
Lots of crying. Lots of fussing.
Not just about her pain but about anything that anybody does or says to her.
Very sensitive.
Very, out of the norm for our happy-go-lucky Tess.

So, we are eating dinner and Tess realizes no one put water in her cup.
Oh, the tears!
And more tears!
Sob :-( Sob :-(
(this situation would not normally bring tears)

So then Caleb chimes in - 
"Why do girls cry about everything? 
They are so emotional.
Life is too short. They should just enjoy it.
Things happen. Don't cry. 
Why can't they just Get over it and Move on!"

He was not trying to be mean or malicious.
It was a sincere question.
Something he seriously doesn't "get".

I just laughed. He is so right. And I see his perspective.
But, I am a girl and I understand the emotions and
 I understand there need to be tears sometimes.
After all, God made us girls to be emotional, caring, and sensitive.

His comments started a great and very fun conversation amongst me and the older children.

Hopefully, with the help of his sisters, he will better understand us girls so that if/when he gets married he will be more sensitive to his wife's tears and emotions.


GRANT.RUST said...

I think Tess just needs her cousin Julia to come and play with her. Then she will forget about being sick.

Amy said...

That's funny! My boys never understand why mommy cries at movies;) I can understand his question completely. Just an example of how God created us differently yet to work together perfectly!

I hope Tess gets to feeling better soon!