Friday, March 18, 2011

This IS for Real...

Many of you have been praying for Brian since his ladder accident on January 1st.
Many of you have been asking about him.

For those of you who are new to our blog and may not know - -
Brian was on a ladder. His feet were about 10 feet high when the ladder began to slide right out from under him. He didn't want to get crushed so jumped to the side and landed 100% on his left foot hitting cement. His calcaneus heel bone shattered into about 12 pieces.
He had surgery on January 18th.
The surgeon put a steel plate and 12 screws into his foot.
Brian has not put any weight on his foot/heel since the accident.
Talk about makin' a man go crazy.

Well, he saw the surgeon this week. 
The surgeon was very pleased with the progress/healing.
He told Brian he can start putting 25% of his weight on it.

This is the x-ray taken from the bottom of his foot.
I don't think he will be getting on an airplane
 without setting off a few alarms.

Brian is doing well.
However, he still has no feeling in his heel.
There seems to be quite a bit of nerve damage.
Time should heel the nerves.
Time will tell.
Thanks again for your prayers.


Treasures from a Shoebox said...

Oh my word, this looks excruciatingly painful! Glad he is doing well and hoping he gets feeling back in his bionic heel soon.

blessedmom's simple home said...

Oh my, that looks like alot of metal!
I'm not sure how you only put 25% of your weight on it, but I hope all goes well!
Congratulations on your sweet little one :-)

The Munck Family said...

What a picture...AMAZING, what they can do!!! Thrilled he is getting to 25%, I'm sure he is too! Is he still going to the pool? Our family continues to lift him up in prayer daily...and will until he is back on both feet!

Hope you and baby are doing well, and you are resting!


Cinnamon said...

Hey did you notice there's a key in there? Hee hee. That looks awful!!! Painful too.

We have been praying for his healing, poor guy :-( I'm glad he's getting better little by little.

Don't you know you cannot post on here without a picture of your sweet little fella, Cooper Stone. Didn't anyone tell you that :-) hee hee

More pictures - when you're up to it - please ♥


Lecia said...

I am Lecia and I found your blog from Knight and Maidens Gathering.

That looks very painful! Will those screws have to stay there or will they be removed at some point? My husband had an accident several years ago and couldn't walk for months. They finally removed the screws from his ankle and he was able to walk, although still with a limp. I know it can be very difficult for men to take the time needed to heal.

You have a beautiful family!