Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A New Ride

 It's true.
Caleb (aka "Jeremiah Johnson") has a new mode of transportation for his mountain excursions.
 He has turned in his hiking boots for a pair of cowboy boots.
    Meet his mountain pony,

  She takes him anywhere he wants to go.
(sometimes I think she goes where ever SHE wants to go)
 Not sure who is in charge -
the rider or the ridden.
Regardless, they make a great pair!

mountain lions, coyotes, and fox...
beware of the "dangerous duo".
They will track and find you!

A funny sidenote:
My husband gets a call from a guy that is staying at Big Canyon.
"Hey Brian, there is a white horse running down the road with a halter and reins hanging on his neck."
Brian asks, "Is there a teenage boy with a gimp (track injury) chasing after her?"
He says, "Ummm, uh..... oh ya, there is someone chasing her."
At that point, Brian knew it was the "dangerous duo".
Real dangerous huh?


Barbara said...

So cool, I love it, I know he does too, hugs ☺

Cinnamon said...

Oh that's funny!! Totally cool ride for "Jeremiah".

Btw, we all think that Cooper Stone needs a little pair of cowboy boots to match his cool name :-)


Natalie said...

Cannot tell you how many times I was dumped off a naughty little pony that looked almost exactly like this! Her name was Happy. Although I was never too happy when I was on the ground and she was running away from me!

Susan said...