Friday, March 25, 2011

Keep the Prayers Coming!

Hello friends, it's Laurie again.

I just wanted to keep you all updated on our favorite superhero - "Cooperman" or "Super Cooper," either one will do!

His breathing has improved overnight and he is down to 2 L of oxygen.  The plan is for him to go home if he can get down to 0.5 L of oxygen.

Ashley's text this morning said, "If he stays stable for a couple of hours, they will  take him off the high-flow oxygen.  Still no fever, eating like a teenager [she would know], not laboring as hard to breathe, sleeping great, and still as cute as ever!"

Thank you all for your prayers and for checking in.


Mrs. Taffy said...

So glad to hear it! I will keep praying!

Cinnamon said...

Oh little adorable Cooper was on my heart all night as I was up with rosie dear. I think it was your last update that just brought me to tears as it reminded me how fragile life is. Sooo glad your dear Cooper is better. That brings joy to my heart. I was praying for you too Ashley as your Mama's heart must have been aching for him to get better.

Thank you Laurie for updating!!

~hugs~ Cinnamon

Nicole said...

Praying for Cooper! I haven't been online for so long, so it's been so long since I have been to your blog, but congratulations, he is absolutly gorgeous! He's like perfect baby! I will pray often!

Angela said...

Thank you for being such a great friend and updating. :o) Praying for him still. I had mailed him a hat on Monday, didnt know it would be a get-well pressie.

Valerie said...

So glad to hear that he is doing so well. Praying for "Super Cooper" and his family! Thank you so much for the update! :)

Susan said...

Glad to here he is doing! blink twice, things happen so fast. Thank goodness our God is in control. I can't even imagine what like might be like for those that have no hope.
Things will be back to normal (what ever that is) before you know it....Spring is just about here for those of us that live up here in these beautiful mountains....Children will be well, gardens will be growing and there are always lots of horses to be rode.....:o)