Friday, March 4, 2011

Quick Update

Great day of getting things done.
Took Gma to town to get her hair done.
Went to library.
Cleaned house.
Got laundry done.

Lots of walking!


Valerie said...

He will be here when he is GOOD AND READY! :) Praying for you while you wait. {{{HUGS}}}

Anonymous said...

The P Rust family are praying that baby comes soon....
Keep walking!

Cinnamon said...

Oh I thought for sure this was a "quick update" saying you were on your way to have a baby :-)

My heart was pumping with all the excitement for you. But no you were doing laundry :-) hee hee

p.s. where's our picture of you in your last days? :-)

Angela said...

I think you are teasing us! You are already holding your little man and just not telling us yet! :o)