Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Squeaky Clean

It is tradition around here that Nana gives the 
First Bath
to our babies.

My mom was here for about 5 days after his birth.
Oh my goodness!
She was so helpful with Cooper, the other children, housekeeping, cooking -
you name it, she did it!

Before she left, she gave Cooper the "traditional" first bath.
He didn't love it - but what is there to love about a bath you can't actually soak in.
It was just a warm washcloth wipe down.
Nana made it as pleasant as best she could.
He cleaned up well.
And smelled so good!!

Washing and

rinsing his hair.

Drying off

Getting the oil rub-down and clean clothes.
Ahh, done!
And Squeaky Clean!!

Thanks Nana!


Anonymous said...

What a blessing and a pleasure to bathe little Cooper! I don't know why I look so serious because my heart was filled with joy! I guess the first "bath" is a pretty awesome event and I took my important responsibility solemnly! I praise God for the way he created Cooper into such a fine little guy. What a blessing to me (& Papa) and all our family. To HIM be the glory! Nana

Our Family Vision... said...

What a precious tradition...for Nana and baby alike! :o)

Cinnamon said...

Oh Ashley~ I love that tradition. What an awesome Nana little Cooper has.


The Mayo Family said...

Oh~ How sweet this brings tears to me as so special that lil-Cooper has Nana to give this first bath!
My Mom used to so enjoy this... Now we cherish these pic's.
He is so sweet!
I am so happy for you all!