Sunday, February 24, 2008

10 Z's + 8 M's =

Lots o' Fun!

The "M" family came to visit us all the way from Manhattan, Kansas. John and Susan are friends from our college days so we go way back. It was fun to meet the rest of their children. Last time we saw them, they had only 2 and they were babies. Now they have 6! We enjoyed each one of them. Fun to talk about the good ol days and get caught up to present day. Lots have happened with each of our families.

The "M" Family

Dani Rae had a real live baby to love on for the weekend ~ Baby Abigail. Dani spent lots of time talking to her and wanting to check on her. Abigail is 4 months old and as sweet as can be! Not to mention a Chunk!

The 4 older children took ski lessons two days. They all had fun!

School must go on!!! Weston teaching the girls a lesson on the solar system.

Of course, there was plenty of napping for the babies.

Family x 2 Game Night

We sent John and Susan out for a dinner - alone. Brian and I stayed with the children and here is the fun we had...

Ring Around the Rosies!

Elk, Elk, Moose!!

(Our mountain version of Duck Duck Goose)

And we finished off the evening with Bingo.

Tess and Elizabeth M. enjoying some reading time.

Tally Ho! was a big hit.

Big Sisters and Baby Sisters!

We had a great time and already miss them!

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