Sunday, February 10, 2008



I honestly did not think I could learn so much information in such a short time BUT, I did! I absolutely loved it.

We learned about the events, people and geography of the Old Testament in one afternoon.
BTW: The instructor picked on me to be the country Ur (her) so whenever we mentioned Ur they all pointed back at me. I got a free CD out of the whole deal. That was nice.

Mom and Dad working at it

Tess enjoying her fathers lap and taking it all in.

Grant and Shan. Come on Grant. Get with it!!

Aunt Shannon needed a little snuggle time.

Brian and Caleb
(Hudson and I were partners but no pictures were taken of us)

I have to say this was the most "moving" part of the day. The children (1st-5th graders) came in showed us what they had learned. Everything we had! And some with more flare. Truly amazing to see that age going full speed with info of the OT. My mom was in tears. Awesome!

Motion for the "The Fall"

Shouting, "Let my People Go!!!"

Jacob, Weston and Jessica

This morning we went through it again for our Special Time (our time together after chores are done and before we start school). We will hopefully continue to do it each day for awhile so we don't forget. Thanks Papa and Nana for inviting us. We all loved it!!!

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Grana said...

We loved our "Walk Through the Bible" experience years ago. I still remember most of the visual is an amazing way to remember events of God's word! So glad that your entire crew had the experience!