Friday, February 1, 2008


Looks like we don't do much around here but sleep. OR... maybe we do so much that we are always in need of a good nap. Here are a few pics of our sleepers.

Caleb ~ after shoveling

Tess ~ after her nap and ready to play!

Tarzan (the cat) likes to share the DOG bed with his K-9 friends.

Dani Rae ~ on the way home from church

Elizabeth ~ after a fun day in the snow.

Tess ~ Not napping!!

The end of a Big Day!!


Anonymous said...

Oh how cute!!! That picture of Dani Rae looks just like my little Sarah! That's amazing. Did I hear you had to get rid of a dog??? My children are so excited about Family Camp with you!!!

Bren said...

It all makes me covet a nap!!!! Except Tess who looks ready to GO!!