Monday, February 25, 2008

Elk Chili!

Saturday 23rd

And Lots of It!

I made a huge pot of Elk Chili. My parents and Grandma came up from SL to eat dinner and spend the evening with us and the "M" family. Before dinner there was lots of snacking and visiting.

Papa and Dani Rae digging in.

My Grandma (94 yrs old) and Hudson

Tess and My Mom

Dani and Papa enjoying each other and the chips.

Four Generations

Intense game of Tally Ho!

Baby Abigail got lots of attention from the girls

Dani sampling more food

Ahhh... finally! Dinner!!! Yummy Chili!

The fun kid table

Grandma always feels guilty when she comes up because she doesn't help much - she is 94 for crying out loud. So, I threw her a towel and put her to work. She wiped down the counters. She thought it would be a good idea if I took a picture of her "working" because it doesn't happen often and may not happen again. She is so sarcastic and we have a fun time together.

Tess thought it would be fun to be a baby again so she tried out the bouncy. She liked it.

Hudson visiting with Grandma

We had a fun evening and full tummies!


momofmanysheep said...

Ashley Z. Any realation to Greg & Sheila M. in AZ? Love to chat wih you if so.

Teri - friend of Lori Coyne.

Anonymous said...

That's my Grandma! Boy she is a cutie... What a good helper! We are so blessed to have her. Gotta love her. Love, Little Gay