Monday, February 18, 2008

Back where it belongs


Sunday afternoon found us moving the shed back to its place. Brian figured out it was going to take more than just a few men. So, he drove the six-wheeler out there (on 4 ft of snow - it hardened just enough to stay on top...barely) and hooked up the shed to its winch.

Here is Mr Atlas having a "go" at it. Brian is not the slightest bit worried that its going to move and it didn't!! Bandit is looking at him like, "Go Boy! You can do it!!!"

The shed hooked up to the winch. Brian and I guided it as it got pulled.

Mr Atlas became Mr Winch ~ In charge of the winch controls

His helper, Weston

Finally off the mound of snow and now we are just moving it into place - not exact place but almost. Ahh, finally, protected hay and we can get an organized shed again. Mr Tom, our turkey, was happy to have his roof back.


OK! So we are done moving the shed and its time to move on out. Are you kidding!? The 6-wheeler is stuck. We spent another 45 minutes digging, lifting, pulling and pushing it out of the snow. And we did it!! We made a great team. Job well done!

The Spectators



FYI- Abbi was the photographer for this event. I see some great potential.

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