Wednesday, February 13, 2008

NO Access!

And now we do!

The storms just kept coming and Brian could barely keep up with the road from our house to the county road. So overwhelmed that he had no time or way to keep up with the road to camp (about 2 miles up from our house). It got away from him. SO, he hired a bulldozer to come plow a path through.

At one point, the guy on the bulldozer called Brian and said he could not tell where the road went from where he was. It was completely buried. Unbelievable.

We now have access again! Let's finish the cabin!!!

We also have no access to our trampoline. In fact, the children think it blew away. Well, Abbi is standing where the trampoline is. Yes, it is there and it is buried.

fyi: We know for a fact that it is there because Weston came running into the house shouting with great excitement, "I found the trampoline. I found the trampoline. It is there!!" He spent a great amount of time digging for it. And found it.


utahsweeney said...

Can you send the bulldozer to our house??? I know, I know, we live in the mountains!!!

Hudson said...

cool tractor