Thursday, February 14, 2008

"RED" Dinner

Another Slideshow coming your way!
This is our Valentines Celebration.
Our tradition is to have a "red" dinner. This year it was Ravioli in tomato sauce, raspberry fruit salad, green salad (no red) and Apple Cherry Pie. YUM!
And each child gets a $5 gift.

For whatever reason, the song I chose for this slideshow has another song attached. I can't get rid of it. So, feel free to push the pause button on the sidebar if you don't want to listen to thr second song.


Keepin' Up with the Joneses said...

you are a pro at this blogging! Fun to see your family traditions.

Anonymous said...

Love the red dinner! We did that last year...I tried to renew the old tradition of making sugar cookies every valentines this year. Boy were they good! I used Sheila's recipe. So what do the Goats do when it snows and blows that bad? They must be tough...they are from the mountains right? Hee Hee? I love the Walk through the Bible thing. I need memory tags like that! Gotta find out more about that. I have your blog tagged so I can check in now and then...thanks for the reminders make me want to blog...its kinda like quick scrapbooking but you actually journal! Love you all! Lori