Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's Official

Tess is done nursing.

I was nursing her only twice a day so I knew "my milk" wouldn't last much longer. However, she did nurse for about a month with just two nursings a day. She is just short of 14 months old. For the record, I LOVE nursing my babies and it is always a sad day when they are done. I so enjoy the time to just sit/lie/snuggle and nurse my sweet little ones. Such an opportune time to slow down and just look at my baby. I take the time to pray for their hearts ~ that they would some day know, serve and love Jesus! For my boys, I pray for strength and integrity. For my girls, I pray for a tender and submissive heart to the Lord and I pray that their hands and hearts would be productive in building up their homes, family and husbands. What a sweet and special time! I truly miss it.

So, I was thinking back to when Tess was born and pulled up a few pics - -

This was the first time she met all 7 of her siblings in the hospital. Everyone wanted to hold her and that didn't stop for months. It got to the point where I had to take numbers and they had to wait. She was/is very much loved.

My Dear Friends came to meet Tess (in the hospital). Nice gown, huh?

Erin, Laurie and Jenny

This is my sweet midwife, Raeanne.

We usually have home births and this was the plan with Tess but God had other plans for this one. As I was laboring at home, Raeanne noticed decels during the contractions. She wanted us to go to the hopital to get a non-stress test to check things out. So, she followed us to the hopital and on the way, the contractions were harder and quicker. After getting to the hospital, the decels continued and so we stayed there.

Sidenote: I was pregnant for most of the time that I took care of mom whom was battling ovarian cancer. Brian and I wanted her to "catch" our baby. The one that was with me (in utero) as I cared for my mother. She had just finished her last round of chemo (third) and was leaving the next week to have surgery (to have the tumors removed). She was weak but Dad was determined to get her there. He did!

And she did ~ caught our baby girl!

Tessa Enid

in honor of Enid Gay - my mother

I love you, Mom!

There were no problems with delivery. Healty baby girl! She was wearing the cord like a backpack which probably caused the decels during the contractions.

A mommy snuggle after a nursing.

4 month chub

Our big girl, Tessa Enid!

PS. My mom is doing great. That is a another story for another time. Let's just say, We serve and awesome God.


Mountains, snow and sweet little toes said...

So sweet, Ashley. I love Tessa's purse in the last picture. Too cute.

Bren said...

Awwwww. I hated it when my boys quit nursing too. My DIL does not care to nurse...she is SO missing out, but does not know it. Maybe she will try again this time.
Your pics are wonderful.
Great post.

Melissa (aka Kitty) said...

I love the pic with the Kids gazing at her. So precious

Bren said...

I hope this goes to your e-mail or that you come back here and read it. Did you know your comments are turned off? You can turn it back on in the post options or in your settings. I miss commenting on your wonderful posts...