Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sleepless in Wanship

The Wind from the North
Remember the snow I said was coming on Wednesday, well it came. And it came with an explanation point!!!! It started snowing early evening. Brian plowed at 9:00pm and he said it was beautiful. He really meant it. It was just plain snow coming staright down - no wind. Easy plow. We saw on the news how bad the wind was in Salt Lake and the mess they were dealing with. So, we had an idea it was headed our way. Sure enough, at 1:00am, the wind was a howlin' and it was coming from the north. All of our bedroooms have some type of northern exoposure so we were all awakened at some point or another b/c of the wind. A very restless night for all of us - - BUT especially for Brian. After no sleep and lying awake for 2 hours, he got up and plowed the entire camp road. Extremely windy and difficult to see. He, of course, did not fall asleep again.

So(sigh), normally the wind comes from the south. Therefore, we have our shed facing open to the north for the best protection of our hay and animal feed. Here is a picture of its placement on our little farm. In the middle of the goat pen and the horse corral. (speaking of horse, we miss our horses but know they are much warmer at my dads)

Well, last night, with the wind coming from the north, our shed blew with the wind. It took off like a kite. And let me tell you, it is WAY heavy!!! So this is what we woke up to. The shed is upside down on the roof.

Here is a view from the other side.

It is going to take a lot of manpower to get this shed back in its place. Or a major thaw and a backhoe.

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Alicia said...

Ashley, I am loving these pictures and stories. Thankyou God for moisture. Help the Zwahlens Lord with all the moisture! Love Alicia